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Along with my Surfer Girl Saves the Gulf tshirt campaign, I will be coming out with a graphic novel adventure – hopefully with more than one. As with many of my projects, I show you my artistic process. So this one is no different. I will be posting you sketches and notes of what we’re working on. The first one here is a sketch of her uniform, her wetsuit and surfboard, adorned with the logo I designed.

On surfing boards and clothing, you will see the ying yang symbol alot because of what it stands for in Taoism.  “In ancient Taoist texts, wu wei/wei wu (effortless doing) is a paradox and is associated with water through its yielding nature. Water is soft and weak, but it can move earth and carve stone. Taoist philosophy proposes that the universe works harmoniously according to its own ways. When someone exerts his will against the world, he disrupts that harmony. Taoism does not identify man’s will as the root problem. Rather, it asserts that man must place his will in harmony with the natural universe.”

When I designed Surfer Girl’s logo, I wanted to created a symbol that embodies the idea of ying yang and also had a “s” in it. I love the way it flows and mimics the flow of water and waves.


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