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I was just shown this video of the Tour de Queens which was a bike ride through our wonderful borough. And I snapped a shot of my I HEART QUEENS sticker on someone’s helmet. Awesome!


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Every week I volunteer at an art gallery on Vernon Blvd in LIC on Thursdays and Fridays. I love the neighborhood, it’s still a very tight knit community with the old-school locals and the new artist residents. It’s still keeping that feeling despite the million dollar condos going up all around. Across the street from the shop, there is a coffee shop that I go to every time I’m there. Well, the new show Gossip Girl has claimed this coffee shop on thursday and friday afternoons. The production crew comes into the neighborhood, takes up the entire sidewalk, creates traffic and parking problems. The locals hate them because they are so disrespectful of the neighborhood. They block local businesses shop windows. They ask people who are standing on the sidewalk to move if they are in the shot. They have asked me to take in our store mannequin book stand. And one time, they were caught trying to get up on our fire escape without any permission. They’ve actually told a friend and I are who were chatting on the sidewalk to lower our voices. Rude

Well, this Friday it was a beautiful sunshiney day. 78 degrees with full sun and nice cool breeze. Well, I decided to sit outside in the sun. I didn’t want to be stuck indoors. As soon as Chomsky and I situated ourselves outside, a PA walked over and was just about to ask me to move before I said “I am not moving.” They don’t have a permit to this sidewalk and sitting outside on a chair is exactly what LIC locals do. Well to deal with me being in the shot they had extras stand around me to cover me up. I would have given the extras a hard time, but hey they get paid crap so I feel for them.

The worst part is that they trample all over our neighborhood to shoot a coffee shop that’s supposed to be in Brooklyn! Queens just doesn’t get the same respect. I doubt this production crew would stroll into Williamsburg and try to get away with the sh&t they pull here.

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I wanted to give a shout out to my friends. I am so fortunate to have the greatest friends ever. And you know who you are, you’ve probably found yourself on my iPhone icon post. Thank you for the support and love you’ve given me over the years. Especially those who I have met while living here. I never felt so at home than I do here in NY. I have met the coolest, most down to earth, intelligent, talented new yorkers. They’ve influenced me to be a better person.

No other city compares to New York. I have always been the black sheep in the other places I’ve lived, especially in Orange County. I was a freak there and never fit in. Actually I only had about 5 friends in high school who truly liked me. Sadly, I was hated in high school for several reasons. I like to think it was because I was so beautiful and independent thinking. You can ask my now-friend Liza, she’ll contest to it. She actually lead a campaign against me. People would throw food at me at lunch and call me bitch when I walk by. I know it’s a part of high school and growing up in Orange County but geez it was miserable. I had a hard time growing up there and my family made it worse. It’s one of the reasons I rarely visit California. I’m a different person than I was there and I don’t ever want to go back.

I’m so fortunate to be married to my best friend Adam. If you haven’t met him yet. You’re really missing out. He is such a good person, super sweet, compassionate, brilliant, uber handsome etc. He’s also an excellent business man. He can see trends before they happen. And he’s always willing to go against the grain. He’s one of the greatest people I know. I am inspired by him daily. I love him more every day. And the side benefit is that he has the most amazing family. They are truly great people. Super loving, supportive, caring, affectionate and they’re just happy. It’s rare to find people who are so comfortable in their skin. Fortunately, they have more or less adopted me and have become my family.

Remember to always appreciate the people around you who make you a better person.

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Oh, on a even better note. I talked with one of the shop owners at Stray on Skillman and 49th Street here in Sunnyside, and he and his wife want to sell some of my shirts. Bas-ass. They’re going to carry a few Queensbound designs. But either way, you really need to pop in and buy some cool vintage stuff. They have a refined collection at very affordable prices.

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I hate censorship. Especially when I’m the one who is being threatened by it or being censored. Is speech free in this country? Idealistically yes, but in reality Hell No! That’s why we have to fight for it and I will. So if you want me to take down a blog post because you don’t like it, bring it on. just bring it on.

I will not be frightened by lawyers or lawsuits. Why do you think I’m an LLC and not a sole proprietor? I always figured I’d get into trouble somehow so I have protected myself and my personal assets.

Fortunately, a little controversy will probably help my business. Bad apples refer to something, if you readers get my drift. Oh and I have good lawyers on my side. One of whom advised me against calling anyone who is threatening me.

So bring it on. just bring it on.

I forget to add this to the post above. I have done nothing illegal on this site. I can post any photos I have taken myself, especially those I have taken on the street of any storefront–freedom of the press. Just try to bring it to court and you’ll just end with lots of legal fees. Also, I can write any kind of review I want. I have written nothing slanderous on this site. If you don’t believe me, ask your lawyer. She’ll say the same thing.

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For my block printing classes, I created this How to Block print pocket guide. Well, really I did it because I had about 200 sheets of unusable How to Fondue paper and felt the need to recycle it.  I had a fun time drawing the images and writing up the text–yes, I did draw everything and write everything myself. Then I screenprinted it onto one sheet of paper and folded it into a book. And for the finish, I carved a block to print the cover. I figured I had to incorporate a block print element.

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Of course, things have blown over and I have received many apologies. And it was only 3 out of the 20+ who were having this issue and causing a raucous. Geez, why can’t people control themselves when they are upset. I’m all for having emotions and voicing opinions, but handle it in a mature and proper way. But who am I to say, I can get just as crazy.

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