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I have two younger brothers and they are like my children. I helped raise them and I love them to death. We all get along really well together. Chad is the older one and he is more book and science minded while Calvin is the artist. Chad is a social butterfly, has tons of friends and is outgoing. Calvin is a musician, super talented artist, and is on the shy side. Calvin is in his second year in college studying art.

I never really noticed that Calvin was very shy until one day Chad said to me “I wish Calvin would open up to me and talk about art and life the he does with you.” I was flabbergasted. I had never really thought about it. Oh, crap. That’s right Calvin does open up to me because I am another artist and I understand what’s it’s like to be another artist.

See what Chad didn’t understand at that moment was that Chad is kinda guy’s guy. He played football in high school. He was popular. He likes sports. The last thing any artist wants to do is show art to that “guy”. No matter how nice that “guy” is. And Chad is a really nice guy.

So I explained to him like this “oh Chad, don’t feel bad. Making art is like writing a love letter. You’re so raw, you can only show it to so few people, and you feel like crying all the time. And most of the time it’s so bad, you end up ¬†throwing half of it in the garbage anyway.”

I also explained to him as he gets older, he’ll get more comfortable with himself, he’ll begin to open up. He’s learning to become a man. He’ll see. Just give him time.


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