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New York Magazine let the secret out by ranking Sunnyside, Queens the number 3 best place to live in New York. Then the NY Observer repeated it.

People also asked me why I love living in Queens so much. I always answered because I loved my neighborhood Sunnyside. No on ever recognizes the name. It’s not a very well-known neighborhood. It’s a family one with one of the very first planned housing communities known as the Sunnyside Gardens. We have beautiful tree-lined streets with mom and pop stores and well-kept up pre-war apartments. The graffiti is kept to a minimum because  a group of volunteers do cleanups. For a long time, Sunnyside has been a long secret from the Manhanttanites so rent and real estate prices have been very reasonable but now the secret is out. I just read on the my Sunnyside user groups that the real estate open houses this weekend were unusually jam packed.


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