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Adam came up with the name Foaminals. I think it works just nicely. I’m not sure exactly what the future holds for my Foaminals. We’re definitely starting with the children’s book and I’m working on my spring couture designs. I’m just really excited and inspired.


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Here’s a logo for CBS interactive. It’s for a weekly web show TV BRIEFLY that gives you a summary of the CBS’s weekly top shows. I used one of my most favorite fonts to design it Univers.

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Woohoo! I have successfully created 22 foam animals.

  1. Ciara’s Whale
  2. Chital aka Spotted Deer
  3. Female Koala
  4. Panda Bear
  5. Dairy Cow
  6. Kitty Cat
  7. Beagle Puppy
  8. Honey Bee
  9. White Rhino with little bird
  10. Emperor Penguin with Baby Chic
  11. Giraffe
  12. Common Goldfish
  13. Northern Spotted Owl
  14. Lar Gibbon aka Monkey
  15. Bengal Tiger
  16. Male Lion
  17. African Bush Elephant
  18. Domestic Pig
  19. Tree Frog
  20. Box Turtle
  21. Hippopotamus
  22. Domestic Duck

Where do we go from here? The point of creating these foam animals was to train my brain to illustrate off the computer and I think I successfully accomplished that goal. I actually didn’t think it would happen so quickly, but I already working with the way my brain works. I was already good at collage so it was just a different way to collage. I was just switching the materials.

As for the animal designs, I wanted to use them in my Spring and Summer tshirt collections but now I also decided try designing children’s books.  I’ve been hearing for years that my designs would be great for children so I might as well give it a go. I even have a first-time writer lined up to work with. So the animal designs will have a dual purpose.

I’ve already started reading books on all aspects of children’s book publishing from the writing to the illustrating. So here’s pretty much what I have to do.

1) research best of children’s picture books

2) translate foam animals into drawings and scan into computer

3) take notes on animals and story board animal characters

4) translate animal drawings into blockprint drawings

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The hippo looks completely different in this redo also. I do miss the contrast of the green and purple in the first hippo but my cutting is so much better in the second hippo. And the eye size is much better on the second hippo.

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Look at how far we’ve come. The design is so much better the second time around. It has so much more personality because I know what I’m doing now. See what practice does! The color looks a bit off because I used different foam colors.

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I would have to say I love Whales almost as much as I love Beagles. They are such great beautiful creatures. I wish I knew as much about them as I do about Beagles. I know we humans still don’t understand them as much as we would like too. And we probably bug the hell out of them and they would probably just like to be left alone to live their lives unbothered by humans. But of course, we’re humans so we can’t do that. We need to study them, eat them, take over their space, pollute their waters, etc. Damn humans. I digress…this is my last foam animal on my list you know….

Since there are so many different types of whales and I love the way illustrators make their own interpretation, I thought I would do the same. So here’s mine and I hope you like it.

This is foam animal 22. The on last on my list…for now.

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This Spotted Deer was a fun one to do because I felt like I was doing a Christmas reindeer since the antlers are red. You can’t be too choosey with color when working with fun foam. You gotta to work with what you have. The Chital aka Spotted Deer is foam animal 21.

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