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The unknown

Ok, so I’m feeling really anxious today. It was a really warm day today and I had to work on my business’s finances. AUGH!!! I get cranky when I’m hot and sweaty, and if I have to pay bills and write checks while sweating…watch out. It could get dangerous.

Starting a business is truly an emotional roller coaster. Some days I feel like world is my oyster, and other days I feel like I’m the oyster ready to be eaten. It’s such a challenge to stay positive when the future is so unknown. And with the more time and money I invest, the higher the stakes get, and the higher my anxiety level gets. I have employees to pay, customers to satisfy, bills to pay, etc. and orders aren’t rolling in as quickly as needed. And with the economy going down the drain….will I get enough orders? Will people buy the shirts? Will they buy again? Am I bringing my family down to financial ruin?


I’ve been told time and time again that so many businesses fail within the first year.  I wonder why do I keep going? Why don’t I just stop and count my losses now while they’re low?  What drives me despite all the odds?

Dammit. I don’t know. The only thing I have is my belief. I believe in myself, in my product, and in the people I work with.  Right now, it’s the only “proof” I have that business is good. Only if that could pay the bills…


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I don’t plan on ever having children. I have felt this way my entire life. Really, at the age of 18 I even thought about getting my tubes tied. Fortunately this isn’t a problem with my husband. He can go either way and I’ve always been honest about this with him.

Even though I don’t want to be a mother, I admire those who decide to be. I think its wonderful to bring a new life in the world. I bring this up because a publicist for a certain young celebrity who just became a new mother has asked for a shirt to be designed for her. I think mothers are beautiful and even though their bodies may change, they are still sexy. When I researched tshirts out there for new mothers, I only found awfully ugly “hot mamma” shirts with lame flames, default fonts, and peppers. Geez.

I knew I could do better so here’s is the final drawing of my sketches. I plan on carving it soon. Hopefully you’ll see it on the celeb soon.

This Tshirt is no longer available. Ciara ran her clothing company brands Ciara Couture and Queensbound from January 2007 to December 2010. She has ceased all clothing brand operations as of January 1, 2011.

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