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I was forced to have pink carpet in my bedroom.  I wasn’t taught stick shift.  I had to clean while my older brother played outside after school.  In HS, I worked in a restaurant while my brother played football . When I was frustrated with one of my film school projects, I was told “that’s what happens when you try to do a man’s thing.” I was told that I wasn’t very smart so I should marry rich.  I was told all I could be was a nurse, not a doctor. When I was sick, I was told to put blush on my cheeks so I didn’t look pale. I learned that fathers spoil their daughters. I learned that growing up with three brothers and no sisters will make you lonely.  I learned that mothers get envious of their daughters.


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My friend Julie Alexandria, host of CBS webshow Wallstrip, is here toting my Bebot Tshirt. She looks so good. Hotta mama! Check out her great performances at Wallstrip.com

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Check out this awesome post about my Bad Apples tee. And someone left a really nice comment. Nice. Very Nice.

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What a great shirt to mingle in. I made this shirt for myself because my friend, Richard Maza, suggested it. I’m not sure if other people would want to buy this. But I made it so I can wear it at parties. I hand out alot of free stuff when I go to parties, events, etc. I chat and toss, chat and toss, but most of the time I forget to even introduce myself or tell people why I am handing them free goodies. So my friend suggested I make a shirt that says Ask Me About Me so I wouldn’t forget to tell them about me and my business. I know its hard to believe that I would forget to talk about me, but really I do. I am a good listener as you reader are a very good listener. The shirt is a good social experiment. If I was single, I’d get lot of digits.

This Tshirt is no longer available. Ciara ran her clothing company brands Ciara Couture and Queensbound from January 2007 to December 2010. She has ceased all clothing brand operations as of January 1, 2011.

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What I love about being an adult who doesn’t need to borrow money from people anymore, I don’t have to answer your call. Ever.

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When you look at an artist’s work, you see about 10% talent with 100% work. To suggest anything less would be insulting. Those of you who work in artistic endeavors understand this. It’s easy for someone who doesn’t draw, paint, or create to nudge off an art piece as being easy for that artist to make. “Oh it just comes out so naturally, that’s just talent.” Well, yes and no. To have talent is to have the innate ability to do well, it doesn’t mean you will. You have to put everything you got to do something really well. Without work, talent is meaningless. All that hard work makes it look easy. For designers, that’s the point. Design is to look effortless. Notice when someone designs a great poster it feels effortless or when someone designs a fantastic dress, it looks seamless. There have been years of study, work, pain, behind it all. You just don’t see it; that’s the point.

I didn’t start seriously dabbling in art until I was 25 years old. Umm, yeah, not that long ago. Sure I’ve always been pretty creative up until then, but I didn’t take my first drawing class until I was 25! To go from there to where I am now…that was hard ass work. Sure the innate ability to create art was there, but without the skills it meant nothing. I had to learn hand skills, color theory, design. BTW – Most of which I learned through Parsons, not through my undergraduate at USC. At USC, I dabbled in photography and film. Not much with the hand skills like drawing, carving, cutting, pasting etc. These are very important skills to have before you learn to use the computer, but so many jump to the computer to skip over this stuff. Lazy designers equal lazy work.

I can honestly say that I have not stopped trying to improve my hand skills since my first day at Parsons. I am undoubtably a workaholic. I spend every moment I have working with my hands. To say that what I do is all talent undermines my actual skill. I do absolutely believe that there is a difference in artist and craftsman. Artists come up with the ideas. Great designers have brilliant, revolutionary, unique ideas and they can execute them flawlessly (more or less). Craftsman create from someone else’s idea. There’s nothing wrong with that either. Craftsman are amazingly skilled peeps. I guess ideas come from the same place talent does. Interesting people have interesting ideas. Notice how boring people have boring ideas. Hmm. Think about that one.

Believe me, I will feed you cookies and shower you with presents if you say I’m talented because I’m a sucker for compliments, and I am the first to shower myself with compliments of talent. But to say that my work comes from inherited talent completely undermines me. Sure talent helps, but I did the work myself. So don’t take credit, where credit isn’t due. You know exactly who you are, so stop it.

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