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You know how it is. There are just certain people who mess up your mojo. They zap your energy and make you feel tired after spending time around them. I try to keep those people out of my life and I know it has made me a happier person. But there are some you still run in to, especially in certain places where I volunteer at. There is no place to hide.

Just now I went to take Chomsky for a walk and from down the street I saw a person who I try to avoid. So I spent an extra 20 minutes freezing my little ears off so I didn’t have to talk to her. She will spend at least an hour or two talking at me about this and that in her life. And she loves me because she thinks I’m a good listener and always wants to stops to talk. I can’t get a word in edgewise so I don’t feel like we’re having a conversation. It’s so bad that I’d rather suffer from frost bite than talk with her. What makes it harder is that she’s an uber narcissist. Growing up with a sociopathic narcissist has scarred me so much that I have no tolerance for anyone who has these characteristics. I’m afraid I’m going to snap and say something like “Shut the hell up! I can’t stand you and your stupid chatter!” I don’t want to because I know she doesn’t have many friends because people can’t stand to be around her. And she’s around 60 so her personality won’t be changing anytime soon. I’m trying to be more compassionate about it but its really hard when I’m tired and cranky from not sleeping.

Oh and then my cousin Jan called me to ask for a favor. It’s one of those things if you do the favor, you’re screwing yourself. She wanted me to sign up for this legal service (that’s pre-paid) which I don’t need or believe in and I’ve said no over and over again. Certain members of my family are hard-core wrapped up in this cult-ish business and coerce many of my unwilling family members to sign up. Jan said that my other cousin Jill needed one more sale to get a promotion. BTW – Jill didn’t come to me and ask the favor and shouldn’t be hurting for money. If she is, well then move out of that luxury condo. Jan told me if I spent the money to sign up and pay for the service, she would pay me back. Well, she just recently really screwed me over. I’ve forgiven her, but I haven’t forgotten what she did. So I said no pretty abruptly and tersely because I was so irritated that she had the balls to even ask. And I told her to never ask me again about it. I refuse to be a doormat. Of course totally oblivious to the fact, she insulted me and snapped at me saying this about favors. “You mean never ask a family member for a favor? No problem.” What a f%$ken bitch move. Dude, there is a difference between truly needing help to survive like rent money and needing more money to buy those Gucci pants. You get my drift, right?

Aarrrrgggghhhh. A very toxic person. She has lots of issues to work out, but I just don’t have the time or patience. She’s a big girl, over 30, she should be able to take care of her business and not take us all down with her. She made me feel bad, guilty, dirty and vengeful. Thankfully she lives in California, a few 5000 miles away. Otherwise, I would have punched her in the face. I do have a mean right hook. It would knock her right out. Listen, I got an edge that most people don’t see but when it comes out it can be a bit frightening.


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Oh, on a even better note. I talked with one of the shop owners at Stray on Skillman and 49th Street here in Sunnyside, and he and his wife want to sell some of my shirts. Bas-ass. They’re going to carry a few Queensbound designs. But either way, you really need to pop in and buy some cool vintage stuff. They have a refined collection at very affordable prices.

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I hate censorship. Especially when I’m the one who is being threatened by it or being censored. Is speech free in this country? Idealistically yes, but in reality Hell No! That’s why we have to fight for it and I will. So if you want me to take down a blog post because you don’t like it, bring it on. just bring it on.

I will not be frightened by lawyers or lawsuits. Why do you think I’m an LLC and not a sole proprietor? I always figured I’d get into trouble somehow so I have protected myself and my personal assets.

Fortunately, a little controversy will probably help my business. Bad apples refer to something, if you readers get my drift. Oh and I have good lawyers on my side. One of whom advised me against calling anyone who is threatening me.

So bring it on. just bring it on.

I forget to add this to the post above. I have done nothing illegal on this site. I can post any photos I have taken myself, especially those I have taken on the street of any storefront–freedom of the press. Just try to bring it to court and you’ll just end with lots of legal fees. Also, I can write any kind of review I want. I have written nothing slanderous on this site. If you don’t believe me, ask your lawyer. She’ll say the same thing.

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We sent out a The Ghetto tshirt to a model and here is a sample of what she’s been doing with it. She looks naughty, doesn’t she?

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We both love the font Gotham.

I have a few favorite fonts that I use on a regular basis Univers, Interstate and Gotham. Over the last year I have been consistently using Gotham for most of my projects: my couture line print collateral, my block print book cover, my block print graphic tee, and even a logo I did for CBS. I recently found out from my friend Sean Tice that Obama used Gotham in his campaign materials.


You can read more about it here. Tobias Frere-Jones designed Gotham and Interstate. Adam and I will be going on a walking tour in NYC with Tobias in April.

moblogic.jpg I designed this logo using Gotham for the CBS webshow Mob Logic. You really need to check this news and politics show out. My good friend Lindsay is the host and she rocks. I just finished making her a ML graphic tee which she plans on taking pictures in so I’ll post them as soon as I get them.

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This Tshirt is no longer available. Ciara ran her clothing company brands Ciara Couture and Queensbound from January 2007 to December 2010. She has ceased all clothing brand operations as of January 1, 2011.

Many of you already know this. I know this because my beagle, Chomsky, is so bad-ass. But now it’s become official as of February 13, 2008 that beagles rule. The hoity-toity Westminster Dog Show awarded Uno, a 15-inch beagle, the Best in Show award. This is the first time in the 132 years of the show that a common man’s dog has taken the title. The underdog has triumphed over fancy Poodles, Terriers, and Spaniels. I am so proud and have designed a shirt to express my joy.

chomsky-sunglasses.jpg This is Chomsky.

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For my block printing classes, I created this How to Block print pocket guide. Well, really I did it because I had about 200 sheets of unusable How to Fondue paper and felt the need to recycle it.  I had a fun time drawing the images and writing up the text–yes, I did draw everything and write everything myself. Then I screenprinted it onto one sheet of paper and folded it into a book. And for the finish, I carved a block to print the cover. I figured I had to incorporate a block print element.

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