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On Sunday, Adam and I had a Fondue Party for my birthday. Although, I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted it to be about the food and not me. We had a blast and people loved the goodie bags I made. I had done quite a bit of prep work weeks before the party. One of the things I did was design and screen print pocket-sized How to Fondue books. Well, I’m very new to screen printing and this was my first project. Of course, I had to make my first project a big undertaking. Urgh, I do that all the time. I screen printed about 300 copies to get 50 good ones. And if you understand the process, I had to shoot my screen six times before I got it right and I had to redesign my book because the type was too small, certain lines within my drawing weren’t showing up, etc. Several hours were spent on the prep work before actually printing them. In the end, the book turned out great and it was hit at the party. Everyone got a copy.


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<span style=”color: #888888;”>This Tshirt is no longer available. Ciara ran her clothing company brands <em>Ciara Couture</em> and <em>Queensbound </em>from January 2007 to December 2010. She has ceased all clothing brand operations as of January 1, 2011.</span>

I have always loved the Ampersand sign. Its small but can pack a punch design wise.I made this mixed media piece (and no. I did not make it on the computer–it exists on a 16 x 20 canvas) for our housewarming party. I had a fun time cutting out the paper, but I loved working on the Ampersand. Somehow, Adam and I jokingly talked about naming our next dog Ampersand. We could nickname him And we wouldn’t have to write his name out we just had to write Ciara & Adam. Brilliant!!! Or maybe we had just been drinking a bit too much. I had a better idea. An Ampersand graphic tee.


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New Yorkers have a bad rep of being mean and rude but I completely disagree. Well, except during rush hour on the subways. I grew up in Southern California and have lived in several major cities so I’ve been around all sorts of people, but I feel with all my heart that New Yorkers are the greatest people around. I have dropped money, a glove, a bag and someone always stopped to help and return the item to me. Just last night, I left my wallet on the subway seat next to me. I think it had fallen out of my bag so I LEFT MY WALLET ON THE SUBWAY. When I got home, I didn’t even notice it was missing until I got a phone call from a good samaritan who had my wallet. He was only a couple of blocks away and he’ll wait for me to come get it. When I met up with him, all my cash and credit cards were still in my wallet. I tried to offer him money because I was so appreciative and he wouldn’t take it.  How freakin bad-ass it that?

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Christmas & Play doh

I received a red can and yellow can of a generic brand of play doh in my stocking this Christmas. They apparently came from the 99 cents store and were supposed to be a joke. But I was so happy and I don’t discriminate between toy brands so I immediately dove in. While we were opening our presents, I molded the snowman and red Christmas tree. Notice the cracking from the generic brand. I loved it so much, I bought a 50 color pack of original brand Play doh and sculpted away. Believe me, everyone needs to play with Play doh. It’ll make you happy.

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